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​Welcome to our digital sanctuary, a place for you to  worship with us, pray together, share your requests, and connect with others.  Enter, rest, and pray.

Worship with us.

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Live 10:30 AM Sundays

Join us live or later. Share with friends and family. 

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Check us out for Monday morning lessons and recorded Sunday Worship Services.



Sermons are available on your favorite Podcast platform. 

Things To Ponder | a podcast by St. Mary's.


​Stay up to date with our weekly prayer newsletter.  You’ll get original content from Pastor Sam, an updated church prayer list, and the announcements for the week.

​Daily prayer connects us to God and to our deepest selves; it is the long work of spiritual formation.  Liturgy is a tool we use to train ourselves in prayer. When we pray liturgy together, we discover a common language that builds deep relationships with God and with one another.  This liturgy is one way to shape our prayers as a worshipping community.


Updated April 2024


​Join us on Facebook Live for times of shared prayer using our Daily Prayer Liturgy at 7:30 AM on Wednesdays, and 11:00 AM on Friday.

​How can we pray for you?  We would be honored to lift your concerns to God in prayer.

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