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Family Portrait

You are welcome here.
Just as you are. 

Our Mission

Our Vision
To be a sanctuary for all God’s children, built up in Christ, established in faith, and grounded in love.

​​About My First Visit:  Welcome!  We’re so glad you’ve decided to stop by and say hey!  Visiting a church for the first time can be overwhelming…let us help!

  • Worship starts at 10:30 AM, and we meet at 1441 E. Mayberry Rd., Westminster, MD 21158 

  • Dress is casual.  Whatever is comfortable for you!

  • Bringing kids along?  That’s awesome!  Kids are ALWAYS welcome.  And please don’t stress about them being disruptive.  Really.  It’s all good.

  • We will make sure to greet you and say hey!  But we won’t call you out in the middle of worship.  Promise.

  • We are fully handicap accessible!  We have a ramp at the back of the church, and our sanctuary is accessible from there.

  • Any other questions?  Email us at, we’ll be happy to help!

Stay Connected!

Let us know you stopped by!  Help us connect with you and support you however we can.

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