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Friends of St Mary’s,


      “For surely I know the plans I have for you… to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


On Sunday, November 8th we will be dedicating the financial pledges to St. Mary’s for 2016.  In a separate mailing, members of the St. Mary’s family received information and a pledge card regarding financial support of the church.  . Monetary support along with the gifts of  talents, time, and other resources have sustained our church for over 250 years as we minister to each other and to the world in the name of Jesus Christ.


Use your pledge card to indicate your monetary support of the local ministries of our congregation through our General Fund and of our participation in the wider mission of our congregation through our Benevolence Fund.  Pledges can be sent to the church office prior to Nov. 8th or presented during the worship service on Stewardship Sunday where all pledges received will be dedicated.


We all share in the blessing that we call St. Mary’s United Church of Christ.  As you share your blessings, may you find the peace, joy, and understanding experienced through support of the work of the church.


The Stewardship & Enlistment Committee      



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