Most worship services at St. Mary's U.C.C. include a sermon. Christianity, as a religion, is shaped by the revelation of the living God through words to God's people. God has spoken through the prophets and Scriptures and above all in Jesus, the Word made flesh, to whom all Scripture points. Sermons are an attempt by the preacher, to both listen and speak the Word of God into today's context. Sermons are not a collection of the preacher's opinions or thoughts, nor are they just moral or spiritual writings. Sermons are an endeverour to listen for how the Holy Spirit is using Scripture to shape, correct, form, and guide our lives to be more faithful followers of Jesus Christ. The documents you find to the right are manuscripts of sermons that have been preached at St. Mary's. Because sermons are always spoken, a relationship between the preacher and listener exists that cannot be reproduced on paper. However, trust that through your own reading, study of Scripture, and prayer, God uses these words to form you.

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