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From the Pastor

( December 2022)

Happy New Year!!!  It’s a great time to jump into some new opportunities for spiritual growth and a front-row seat to what God is doing in the lives of our neighbors!  Sign up for our weekly St. Mary’s Prayer Newsletter.  Every week, you’ll get an updated and detailed prayer list, announcements for the week, and some original content from Pastor Sam.  It’s the best place to stay up to date with St. Mary’s in every way!   You’re also invited to download our weekly podcast, “Things To Ponder,” where you’ll get the sermon each week delivered right to your device.  Even if your schedule keeps you away from worship on a Sunday, you can still stay a part of the conversation.  Get it wherever you get your podcasts – Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.


Check it all out on our website:


Peace and good to y’all in 2023!

Pastor Sam

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