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May 2022


Worship Ministry


All services are available in person or online via live stream at this link: 

We invite you to join us at however you are able.


The war in Ukraine rolls on. As do our prayers and our work to support the poor and suffering.


The United Church of Christ is issuing an appeal for the people of Ukraine and will be working with global partners to assist vulnerable communities within that country, and St. Mary's is gonna jump in with both feet! The UCC, through Global H.O.P.E. and Global Ministries, will be collaborating with ACT Alliance and the Reformed Church of Hungary (RCH) to bring aid to Ukraine. That group has been offering humanitarian assistance since Russian troops first attacked Ukraine on Feb. 24. It’s working with elderly and other vulnerable communities inside the country who have not been able to leave, including immigrants and migrant populations who are experiencing difficulties crossing into other European countries. HRCA is also working with refugees who are leaving the country.


Our work is three-pronged:


1. A call to prayer; an invitation to pray with the worldwide interfaith community.

2. A call to action; encouragement to call on our own government to offer Ukrainians more humanitarian assistance, both in the U.S. and abroad.

3. A call to give; gifts to the UCC Emergency Ukraine Appeal will provide shelter, food and other care to war refugees and internally displaced people. or designated offering.


St Mary’s UCC, won't you join us? From now until May 23, let's join the work. Pick your option, get after it, and leave us a note on Facebook. Let's encourage one another in this work, doing our part to witness to a more just and generous world.


First and foremost, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the All Ages Easter Egg Hunt. We look forward to doing this again next year and having even more participants!


Vacation Bible School - Vacation Bible School is scheduled for the week of July 18th.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Stacy or the church office. 


Recognizing Graduates & Youth Accomplishments -Again this year, we want to honor high school and college graduates and extend the invitation to recognize other student accomplishments since June 2021.


We’d like to highlight those advancing from elementary or middle school, honor roll members, award or scholarship recipients, letters of intent decisions, athletic achievements, anything you feel is worthy of announcement. We will devote a portion of the June 12th service to our students. If you have someone in your family, you’d like us to acknowledge during this worship service, please forward the following information to the Spiritual Formation Ministry Team at by May 15th. We will also print the information in an upcoming bulletin insert.


Please be sure to include:

Student Name and School attending or graduating from,

Special Honor (graduate, honor roll, award, etc),

You can also note future plans for graduates, and

Family connection if student is not a St Mary’s member or regular attender


You can invite your students and their families to join us for the service or watch the service online, as well. We will send reminders the week prior to the June 12th service with links to access the worship time.

Church Garden - We are looking for a coordinator for the church garden as well as garden volunteers. We would like to get this started soon. If you are interested in helping, or even being the coordinator, please email



Hooray for all the Moms in our lives—mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, other mothers, aunts—well you get the idea!  We are thankful for all those moms who hold a special place in our hearts. 


Congregational Life invites you to please stop by the Vestry on May 8th  following worship for light refreshments to celebrate Mother’s Day! 

Finance Ministry

Below is a summary of church finances and other related items for the end of March:


General Fund:                                   Budget %

Total Income:    $      39,586.36          21.63%    (approximately 25% of the budget is GF carryover from 2021)

Expenses:           $      54,464.65          22.45%   

                           $   - 14,878.29        


Wider Church Giving:


Total Income:  $        3,255.50

Expenses:         $        3,124.92

                        $           130.58


During March we received donations for the Silver Run Pantry of $348.00, and year to date we have received $818.00.  We also received $110.00 for the Digital Fund, and year to date we have received $255.00.   

Additionally, we donated $100.00 to Shepherd’s Staff and $410.00 for “One Great Hour of Sharing.”                                                  

Our members and friends of the church continue to care for those in need.  We even reach those in need overseas.  We recently were asked by the Montessori School of Westminster if we could help raise $500 for shipping medical supplies to Ukraine.  Since we had less than a week to provide the financial assistance, it was decided to post a message on the church’s website to see if we could obtain $500 in donations.  Not only did we raise the $500, but an additional $1,000!  We are constantly seeking out ways to connect to local people and local organizations with whom we can partner to provide meaningful and impactful assistance to the people of Ukraine, and to witness to a world of peace instead of war.


Thank you for your continued support to St. Mary’s and to our outreach activities.  We are blessed to have members and friends of the church contribute in so many ways to help those who are less fortunate.


Bob, Finance Ministry Chairman

On-Line Giving


We’d like to remind you that we offer electronic giving as a way to automate your regular offering.  Electronic giving offers convenience and consistency and has been proven secure.  You may choose direct debit giving from your bank account or use a credit or debit card.  The plan is flexible; ranging from a 1-time gift to a regularly recurring transaction at your discretion.  Online giving allows you to access our church website – – at any time to set up a donation plan, change an existing plan, make a 1-time donation or view your donation history.  As you contemplate future contributions, please consider electronic giving.  Additional information is available by contacting Sabrina, financial secretary.