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If you’ve ever traveled long distances, you know the journey can be tiring and sometimes scary.  We often wonder if we are ever going to get there!  To "survive" the trip, we first decide what to leave behind, and then pack up snacks, water, perhaps a GPS, and a map.  As we make our way, rules of the road and companions are essential, too.


In this series, we will find that our spiritual journey, alone and in community, is no different.  We will celebrate the gifts and promises of God that go with us, and accompany Jesus on his own human journey to Jerusalem.


Lent 2, March 1                                         “Following Jesus on his Journey”
Jesus was very clear that following him might not be a smooth ride.  He was bound to choose the just way, not the easy way, through life.  To take up the cross was to lose one’s life—to let go of certain expectations of safety and acceptance in order to stand for the Gospel message of love.  How are we to take up the causes of Jesus—justice, righteousness and mercy-- in our day?


Lent 3, March 8                               “Rules of the Road Make the Journey Safer”
Without traffic laws and speed regulations, traveling on roads and highways would be pandemonium.    We will explore the rules God has established that make life easier and safer for all.   Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple reminds us of his rule of love for the marginalized.


Lent 4, March 15                             “Blessings on the Journey: Healing Prayer”
The people of Israel became impatient on their long journey through the wilderness, as Moses led them to the Promised Land.  When some were bitten by poisonous snakes, God taught Moses to lift up a staff and heal them.  Jesus was also “lifted up” on the cross for the healing and salvation of all people.  We will share healing prayer for our own journeys.


Lent 5, March 22                             “Recalculating the GPS: Journey of the Heart”
As we get closer to the end of our Lenten journey, the road ahead still seems long.  Jesus nears crucifixion and death, but reminds us that all things will be enveloped in his love even after he is gone.  The word of God sustains all of us, especially God’s promise to write his love on our hearts.  On this Sunday, we will also enjoy the song leadership of the splendid Boy Choir of Maryland.


Palm/Passion Sunday                                “Journey’s End: Jerusalem”                   
March 29

We follow Jesus, cheering, into Jerusalem, relieved our journey is at an end.   But soon our shouts of “Hosanna” turn to cries of “Crucify him.”      Palms will be distributed, and we will participate in a dramatic reading of the Passion according to the Gospel of Mark.

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