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St. Mary's Ministry Manual

What is a Ministry Manual?

Welcome to something we like to call our ‘Ministry Manual’. This isn’t a manual in the traditional sense of a manual like you would use to repair your lawnmower or an HR Policy Manual at work. Instead, it is a collection and description of the different ministries that happen at St. Mary’s, how we are organized, and our goals for this year. Our hope is for this manual to be built upon each year with the Consistory and ministries updating their goals and activities to reflect current as well as future needs. Please contact the office for a copy of the Ministry Manual.

How the church is organized:

In the United Church of Christ, we practice something called covenant. To covenant means to make a commitment. We believe that when God calls people to follow Jesus, God calls them to be part of a community where we learn to live out our commitments to God and neighbor. In the United Church of Christ, we believe in something called the priesthood of all believers. This means that we believe everyone is a minister, and everyone has been given gifts by God to share with others. The congregation is where these gifts are nurtured, formed, and shared.

St. Mary's Organizational Structure:

2018 Organizational Chart.png

What gifts do you have to share for the building up of the body?

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