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  •  Wedding arrangements must be made through the Pastor.  Availability depends on the church calendar.

  • Weddings should be scheduled 6 months in advance to allow for at least three counseling sessions with the Pastor (each sessions lasts approximately 1 hour).

  • Once initial contact is made, the bride and groom will coordinate logistics of the wedding through the Church Event Coordinator (rehearsal date and time, musical needs, facilities needs, and discussion concerning guidelines for use of church facilities.)

  • Arrangements for wedding music must be made through the Church Organist.  It is the responsibility of the couple to do this.  If Church Organist is unavailable, a list of approved organists is available.  No outside organists permitted unless previous agreement in place. The organist fee is $200 for all couples.

  • All floral arrangements for the service, or other decorative items such as aisle runner, must be made by the couple and removed after the wedding.  Tasteful decorations only—no tape or glue allowed in the sanctuary.

  • Pictures may be taken before or after the service.  Video recordings and photos are allowed during the service as long as there is no disruption.

  • Rehearsals provide good opportunities for practice.  All participants in the wedding ceremony should be present.



Housekeeper               $75.00

Sanctuary                 $250.00 (no charge for members)

Pastor                    $250.00

Organist                  $200.00

Social Hall               $200.00 (no charge for members)


  • All fees must be paid one day prior to the service.

  • The marriage license is the responsibility of the couple.

  • Bulletin preparation is available for an additional fee.

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